We are on a modern day hunt for the holy grail.

Legends hold that the Grail had the power to heal all wounds, deliver eternal youth and grant everlasting happiness.


We believe this grail exists, not as a cup in the physical world, but as a container for spreading the most impactful and positive vibes there are.

If the container for these vibes is made correctly one can assume it’s effect would eventually reach most of the people on earth, forever changing our collective timeline in a positive direction.

This article is a study of the most effective vibes out there, and ways we can use them.


So what is an “effective vibe” you ask?

Before we define how a vibe can be effective, let us first define what a vibe is.

Vibes refer to the emotions felt from certain experiences. For example, right now you are experiencing the downloading of the information on this page through your eyes, recorded as decoded as information, which on a physical level is causing hundreds of trillions of your neurons to fire in order to process and filter it.

This experience, as a whole, can be summarized as having a vibe. In scientific circle they call this qualia.

Every vibe changes the way your brain state reconfigures itself, partially based on the information embedded in the environment and, partially based on your surroundings, your prior mood, genetic dispositions, hunger levels, and on and on.

The way information is presented changes how our brains consciously and subconsciously process it. Often referred to ad our identity.

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